The town comprehensive master plan outlines goals for commercial and industrial development. The comprehensive plan identifies tourism as the major engine for economic development but also clearly states the importance of appropriate light industry for the welfare of the community. The goal is to attract industry that is compatible with tourism.

A number of new civic and commercial developments have been completed in recent years. The Morton Street Extension has been completed and we are looking forward to new development in that area.  The Shipshewana RV Park attached to the Flea Market is in the early stages of expansion and will bring with it new signage and traffic flows for getting around town.  There are also expansion projects on the horizon for Highland Ridge RV and ARI Legacy Sleepers.

For the benefit of developers we’ve made available a Shipshewana Town Map (2008) showing street layout, town boundaries and other features. Note this is a large PDF file; we recommend you print it out on paper for easy reference.

Redevelopment Board Members

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Marolyn Yoder

Board Member

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Ernie Yoder

Vice President

C. Arlene Lazzaro

C. Arlene Lazzaro


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Keith Lambright

Ex-Officio School Board

Elmer J Mast

Elmer J. Mast