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To Flush or Not to Flush



Although one would think that this concept isn’t difficult to understand, it seems to be. The Shipshewana sewer system has repeatedly experienced objects plugging and damaging lift stations and sewage grinders in the system. The culprits have been objects that never should be flushed. With that said, Town wants to notify sewer users about basic sewer technology and what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet(s).

What You Can Flush :

This is very simple . The three (3) things you can flush down the toilet are poop, pee and toilet paper. THAT’S IT!

There is no more need to make this complicated. This is all that’s to go down the toilet.

What to Not Flush :

This list could be long, but here’s the rule and it’s real simple. If it’s not poop, pee or toilet paper, don’ t flush it down the toilet. But just for the sake of clarity, let’s mention a few of the items that can‘ t go down the toilet:

  1. Kleenex, or tissue paper is designed to stay together and in fact “bunch-up”. When it bunches together, it plugs the sewer systems.
  2. Unused drugs should never be flushed under any circumstance! Bring your unused drugs to the Town Hall where there is a disposal unit set up just inside the main office.
  3. Fats, oils or greases cool after going down the sink and coagulate in the pipes and causes blockages.
  4. Feminine hygiene products
  5. Disposable diapers and wipes, chunks of garbage, wastepaper, flushable cat litter and any item claimed to be “disposable”.

Remember,  what doesn’t make it  out  to  the  Shipshewana  sewer  system may stay in  your home’ s plumbing, or that of your building and cause extensive damage and cost. Why take the chance?

Again, only three items go down the toilet, poop, pee and toilet paper . Keep it simple and keep it safe. You’re the only one who can control what’s flushed!


Thank you for your cooperation .

Shipshewana   Utilities  Department


P.O. BOX  486  •  345  North Morton St.


(260) 768-4743  fax (260) 768-4608 town