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This effort is as a precautionary measure only to combat the exposure to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The Town of Shipshewana has a population of approximately 627 citizens, but on any Tuesday or Wednesday during the summer this population swells to 20-30 thousand people. Tourists come to Shipshewana for many reasons; to visit the historic downtown, the famous flea market and the beautiful countryside. Currently there are four officers and ten reserve officers. The department has seven squad cars and one police bicycle for use on busy flea market days. The department operates out of the Shipshewana Town Hall located at 345 N. Morton Street.

Shipshewana creates a very unique opportunity for law enforcement. With a small town approach the police department deals with problems that plague many large cities. During the summer months the department is at its busiest, working many accidents and motorist assists related to the large amount of traffic passing through the town.

Festival Days

The department has a very good working relationship with the surrounding law enforcement agencies in LaGrange County, which helps in the summer months. Besides the flea market the department has many of the same routine and non-routine services that any other police department may deal with.

In May the police department directs their time and efforts to the Mayfest Parade and events. During Mayfest many programs are provided to the public at no cost. There is a K-9 Demonstration, Bomb Squad Demonstration, and SWAT Demonstrations hosted by the department. The department is involved in several annual Shipshewana programs and events. The department provides traffic control for many events such as The Fall Crafter’s Fair, The Light Parade, and the Hudson Parade to mention a few.

Public Safety Training

By incorporating highly qualified officers, excellent training and the best equipment, we can effectively serve the citizens and visitors of Shipshewana. The department requires that all reserve officers attend training and meetings, while still putting in 16 hours a month. This keeps our department current with new law, techniques and tactics. The Shipshewana Police Department was formed in 1987 with one Marshal. The first police vehicle was a used cab from a larger city and the office was a room in the basement of the fire department. Since this time the town of Shipshewana has grown and so has its police department.

Tip Line

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Police Updates