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October 10, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes



OCTOBER 10, 2019  6:00 P.M.


Roger D. Yoder Council Room

345 N Morton Street

Shipshewana, IN  46565

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  C. Arlene Lazzaro, Elmer J. Mast, Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Tad T. Hite.


A motion passed to accept the agenda with flexibility.


MULTI-HAZZARD MITIGATION PLAN:  Revisions are being made and the plan is still under review.

CEDIT RESOLUTION – CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN:  Project additions are needed for the CIP; the Resolution will be on the October 24th Agenda for Council consideration.


LIGHT PARADE STREET CLOSURE REQUEST:  Meetings with the parade committee and the Town have been occurring since the parade last year.  The parade route will be the same as last year.  The parade route will be closed by 6 p.m. and E. Middlebury Street will be closed at noon for the entertainment area.  Harrison Street will be closed after business hours on Thursday.  An INDOT permit is required for SR 5 and detour routes will be in place.  The County needs to be contacted for permission to use CR 735 as part of the detour route.  SR 5 may be closed as early as 4 p.m. and not open until 9 p.m.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving Street Closures as presented for the 2019 Light Parade to be held on November 9th and authorized the Town Manager to approach the County regarding detour routes. 

RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE TRANSFER OF REAL ESTATE TO THE STATE OF INDIANA:  The Resolution presented for Council consideration transfers right-of-way along SR 5 from the Town to INDOT.



MOTION:  A motion passed approving Pay Request #4 to NIBLOCK in the amount of $326,048.43 for 2019 Street Improvements.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving Pay Request #2 to The Robert Henry Corporation in the amount of $97,507.00 for the New Public Restroom Construction.

MOTION: A motion passed approving Pay Request #2 and final to Regal Builders in the amount of $31,326.00 for the New Salt Barn Construction.


MOTION:  A motion passed approving Work Allowance Adjustment #1-01 in the amount of $3,254.00 for piping and a mop sink for the Public Restroom Project being done by The Robert Henry Corporation.

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT UPDATES:  The Salt Barn is complete, and the Park Pavilion is almost done we will be adding a ceiling and guttering to the project at an estimated cost of $1,300.00.  Due to expected high use of this pavilion quotes will be gathered for electric service.  E. Middlebury Street is complete except for marking crosswalks at SR 5.  Morton Street and the alley to the north by the Flea Market will be done by November 1st.  The other two alleys may not get done until the end of November.  Signs will be put up regarding No-semi traffic on E. Middlebury Street going east from Lake Park Industry.  We will need an Ordinance revision for enforcement purposes.  The SR 5 South Improvement projects are almost done, the deeds have been recorded but there is a small section of sidewalk that needs to be done.  It maybe next year before sidewalks from the Blue Gate Hotel going north along SR 5 can be done.  The horse troughs along SR 5 will be done by Brooks Construction Company hopefully within the next couple of weeks, this is an INDOT Project.

LED CONVERSION FOR FIRE STATION LIGHTS:  REMC is offering rebates when new LED lights are installed.  LED lights are cheaper to run and operate.  We have three quotes for replacement of the lights at the Fire Station as follows:  Yoder’s Shipshewana Hardware of Shipshewana, IN:  56 fixtures @ $4,032.00 and 50 bulbs @ $347.50 for a total cost of $4,379.50.  Expected rebate of $2,860.00.  ALPHA Building Center Inc. of Shipshewana, IN:  55 fixtures @ $3,849.45 and 40 bulbs at $599.60.  Total cost $4,449.05.  Expected rebate of $2,870.00.  USA Bluebook of Gurnee, IL:  55 fixtures at $5,288.14 and 50 bulbs at $512.53.  Total cost $5,800.67.  Expected rebate of $2,800.00.  Town employees will do the installation.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the quote from Yoder’s Shipshewana Hardware in the amount of $4,379.50 for fixtures and bulbs for the Fire Station with an expected rebate of $2,860.00. 

2020 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE APPROVAL:  Council Members reviewed the 2020 Holiday Schedule.

MOTION:  A motion passed to approve the 2020 Holiday Schedule as presented.

TOWN MANAGER REPORT:  The Town has received notice of preliminary award of $720,000.00 from the 2019-2 Community Crossings Matching Grant Fund.  This grant will allow the Town to complete the E. Middlebury Street project to the east corporate limits.  TIF dollars will be the Town’s matching funds.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  The Additional Appropriation Public Hearing will be held on November 14th for an additional appropriation of $75,000.00 in the General fund and $3,824.00 in the LOIT Special Distribution Fund.   Trick-or-Treat hours in Town will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on October 31st and leaf pick-up will begin next week.  Notice has been sent to the members and media regarding the October 23rd 3:00 p.m. Joint Meeting of the Town Council and Shipshewana Car Museum Inc.  The September Fund Report was sent with the Council meeting material packets.  The September 26th Register is ready for the Council’s signature and the September 30th and October 10th Claims Registers, along with the September Bank Reconciliation and Adjustment Journals are ready for approval. The September 26th Executive Session Memoranda is ready for the Council’s consideration.

MOTION:  A motion passed authorizing signature of the September 26, 2019 Claims Register.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the September Bank Reconciliation, Adjustment Journals, the September 30, 2019 Claims Register and the October 10, 2019 Claims Register as submitted.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the September 26, 2019 Executive Session Memoranda.

MOTION: A motion passed suspending the rules for a second reading of all Ordinances or Resolutions.

Westview Government Class Student introductions followed.

MOTION:  A motion passed adjourning the meeting.

________________________________________               ______________________________________                  

Tad T. Hite, Council President                                                  Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Council Vice-President

________________________________________               ______________________________________

C. Arlene Lazzaro, Council Member                                         Elmer J. Mast, Council Member



Ruth Ann Downey, Clerk-Treasurer