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January 9, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes



JANUARY 9, 2020  6:00 P.M.


Roger D. Yoder Council Room

345 N. Morton Street

Shipshewana, IN  46565

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Joshua A. Weimer, Elmer J. Mast, C. Arlene Lazzaro, Tad T. Hite, Zachary J. Stoltzfus.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  The attorney requested nominations for Council President.

MOTION:  A motion passed electing Tad T. Hite as Council President for 2020.

The Council President requested nominations for Council Vice-President.

MOTION: A motion passed electing Zachary J. Stoltzfus as Council Vice-President for 2020.

MOTION:  A motion passed to accept the agenda with flexibility.  

OLD BUSINESS:  STORM WATER RATES:  Still under review – no new reports. 

SAHS BUILDING MAINTENANCE REQUEST:  A new lease agreement is needed, and outstanding fees need to be addressed before the maintenance request.  The attorney will draft a new agreement. 

2020 BOARD & COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS:  Appointment & Oath Forms for the following Redevelopment Commission Members were presented to Council for approval; Marolyn Yoder, C. Arlene Lazzaro, Elmer J. Mast, Ernie Yoder and ex-officio school board representative Keith Lambright. An Appointment & Oath Form for Storm Water Board Member Jack Pearson was also presented to Council.  The 2019 Board & Commission Appointments list was reviewed by Council so a 2020 Board and Commission Appointment list can be prepared for the next Council meeting.   It was noted that the Park Board is looking for two members and the Redevelopment Commission for one.

MOTION:  A motion passed to sign and approve the Redevelopment Commission and Storm Water Board Oath and Appointment forms as submitted.

2020 ENGINEERING & FINANCIAL CONSULTANT AGREEMENTS:  The attorney reported that a paragraph had to be added to the Financial Consultants agreement for services due to requirements of the RFP’s.    For the Engineering agreement there is a page of Supplemental Changes to their Standard Terms and Conditions along with an E-Verify Affidavit and Non-Collusion Affidavit.  MOTION:  A motion passed approving the DLZ Agreement for Engineering Services for 2020 subject to all changes recommended by legal counsel.  MOTION:  A motion passed approving the agreements submitted by Financial Solutions Group, Inc. as follows subject to all changes recommended by legal counsel.  Wastewater Rate Review, Water Rate Review, 2020 Continuing Disclosure Filings, Required Redevelopment Commission Reporting/TIF Annual Report, and Proposal For General Financial Consulting; Budget; Sustainability/Revenue & Spending Plan; CIP. 

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT:  Two police cars have been hit but none have been our fault.  One car was hit while parked at a hotel and the other was hit at a fire scene. 

SEWER PLANT STUDY UPDATE:  Two representative from Commonwealth Engineering presented two copies of a preliminary report for the Wastewater Plant for review by the Town Manager and Wastewater Plant Superintendent before bringing the final report to the Council for Council consideration.  A work group presentation was recommended after the review is completed.   

PUMP MOTOR PURCHASE REQUEST:  Two quotes were presented to the Council for a pump motor for the auger at the WWTP both have said 5 -7 weeks before delivery, this motor is crucial to plant

operation.  We will have the old motor repaired as a back-up after the new motor is installed.  Middlebury Electric, Inc. of Goshen quoted $5,700.00 and Huber Technology of Huntersville, NC $6,575.00.  MOTION:  A motion passed approving the pump motor and gear box for the screen auger at the WWTP from Middlebury Electric, Inc. for $5,700.00.

TOWN MANAGER REPORT:  The lights at the fire station have been changed out at a cost of $4,379.50 to LED energy saving lights.  The Town will receive a rebate from REMC of $3,100.00.    Interviews have begun for the IT position.

2019 COMMUNITY CROSSING GRANT AWARD – 2020 STREET IMPROVEMENTS:  The Town was awarded $720,000.00 from INDOT Community Crossings Grant Funds, to finish E. Middlebury Street to the eastern corporation limits.  Estimated construction cost: $960,000.00.  $240,000.00 will be the Town share from TIF Funds.  A supplemental signature page was approved at the last Council meeting.  This evening approval to Advertise for Bids is needed.  The proposed schedule is as follows:  Approval to Advertise in January, Receive and Open Bids on February 6th, Award Bids at the regular Council meeting on February 13th, execute Owner-Contractor Agreement on February 20th and send P.O. Request to INDOT before February 24, 2020.  With notice to proceed in the spring, and substantial completion in October.  MOTION:  A motion passed approving Advertisement for Bids for 2020 Street Improvements.

TOWN MANAGER REPORT:  The Town Manager requested Council Approval to take home a retired police vehicle.  It will not be for personal use, only Town Business and taxes will be paid as required.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the use of a retired police vehicle by the Town Manager as a take home vehicle for Town Business with the appropriate taxes being paid.

FINANCIAL PLANNING MEETING:  MOTION:  A motion passed setting a Special Council meeting for Financial Planning on January 22, 2020 at 2 p.m. in the Shipshewana Town Hall.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Council Members received a reminder to think about a candidate for the2019 Quality of Life Award Recipient.  Approval of the Claims Register, Adjustment Journal and the December 30th Memoranda was requested.

MOTION:  A motion passed approving the Claims Register, Adjustment Journal and December 30, 2019 Memoranda as submitted.

There was an inquiry regarding the status of the proposed streetlight for Berkshire Drive.  At this point we are waiting on a call from a NIPSCO Engineer.

Westview Government Class Students were welcomed, and introduction followed.

MOTION:  A motion passed to adjourn the meeting.

________________________________________              _______________________________________

Tad T. Hite, Council President                                                 Zachary J. Stoltzfus, Council Vice-President

________________________________________              _______________________________________

Elmer J. Mast, Council Member                                              C. Arlene Lazzaro, Council Member


________________________________________              _______________________________________

Ruth Ann Downey, Clerk-Treasurer                                       Joshua A. Weimer, Council Member