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EPA – Cyber Security Review

Jun-30-2022 @ 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Roger D Yoder Room

To All:

Josh – I included you so you know what we are working on. If you can attend the meeting that would be great, but it is not mandatory.

James Cady from Horsley Witten Group has been working with us on our Cyber Security Readiness. Out of those meeting we have developed a list of items that the Town of Shipshewana should look into and potentially address. Sheamus, Dave and Kevin have participated in the meetings so far, and we are at a point where we need to assign people to work on action items. The areas we need to work on include Water Department SCADA and Inventory, Wastewater Department SCADA and Inventory, Utility Billing Software Security (MFA) as well as security of PII.

I have included the documentation we have been provided as well as the action plan we need to start assigning responsibilities for. The expectation with this is that we develop a comprehensive ERP (Emergency Response Plan) to address any cyber security issues that may occur in the future.

Currently we plan to meet with James again in December of 2022 to review our progress with addressing any outstanding items.
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