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Building & Grounds Update Spring 2021

Mike Neiman

From the Desk of Building & Grounds Superintendent Michael Neiman

Hello Shipshewana, from Michael Neiman, your Building and Grounds Superintendent.

Michael Neiman

Springtime lawn care tip and tricks.

When spring arrives and things start to show signs of life after winter, it’s time for the first grass cutting of the year. This means your beautiful lawn is going to start growing and you will have put in some work to achieve the attractive lush green color you like to see. This also means that you need to dust off your mower, as it is only a matter of time before , you’re going to need to do the first mowing of the season. However, knowing when and how to do the first cutting is crucial.

Keep in mind that your grass went into a deep SLUMBER during the winter. If you are not careful you could do more damage than good with your first mowing. For the first cut of the year, you do not want to stress your lawn too much. One simple rule that may help, is to never cut more than one third of the total length of your grass. If you cut more than that there is a good chance that you will stress the grass. As a result, your lawn will be more susceptible to weeds and diseases.

Also remember to keep your blades sharp. This ensures that you are cutting your grass and not tearing the individual grass blades.

Be sure to tidy up the lawn before you even take-out the mower. After the winter months you may find that leaves, sticks, and other lawn litter may have accumulated. This can be a hazard to you and or your lawn mower.

Most years the best time for the first mowing is during the first two weeks of April. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Most lawncare experts say not to cut the grass unless it is at least two inches tall. Remember mowing to early is dangerous. There is a chance that you could cut it to short. If this happens the grass may be too stressed to fight off insects or diseases. If not sure it’s better to mow late than too early.

When mowing your lawn try not to forget about the edges. You want the edges to be trimmed and clean. If your lawn is mowed regularly, but it seems something is off, chances are the edges are not trimmed.

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