IMG_0174[1]Utilities Department

Water – Shipshewana is the water service provider for town and for the surrounding area. Water is supplied by three groundwater wells. The water plant has the capacity to pump 450,000 gallons with a peak demand of 420,000 gallons per day.

In accordance with legal requirements, the town maintains a Wellhead Protection Plan approved by the state. Wellhead Protection Plans were developed by all municipal water providers following passage of the Amendments to the Safe Water Drinking Act in 1986. This Act is a formal policy for protection of the states’ drinking water to avoid any contamination.

Electricity – Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) provides the electrical service for Shipshewana. NIPSCO operates several power plants in Northern Indiana. The majority of the power is fueled by coal and natural gas, and a small amount is provided by hydro-electric power. Some supplemental electricity is also provided by the LaGrange County REMC.

Natural Gas – NIPSCO also provides natural gas service for the Shipshewana area.


Josh Koontz
Josh KoontzFacilities Superintendent
Josh Koontz is Facilities Superintendent. Josh is in charge of the capital improvement and maintenance programs associated with the Town’s facilities, parks, and grounds. This includes the following facilities: Fire Station, Town Hall, park pavilions and playing fields, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Water Plant, Public Restrooms, Event Center, and the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.

Josh also works closely with the Park Board and the youth programs in Shipshewana, such as the Warriors Youth Baseball and West End Soccer leagues.


Rodger Owsley
Rodger OwsleyStreet & Storm Water Superintendent
Roger Owsley is our Streets and Storm water Superintendent. He is responsible for daily operations of the Street Department including street paving and painting, pot-hole repair, crack sealing, alley repair, street sweeping, leaf pick-up, storm water drains, snow removal, etc. He is also in charge of the compost site.


Sean Neeley
Sean NeeleyUtilities Superintendent

Service & Support

David West
David WestService & Support
Dave is our Service and Support Superintendent. Dave is in charge of the daily water testing at the water plant. He also is in charge of the lift station preventative maintenance program. There are 19 lift stations in total. He also reads the water meters every month and is spear heading our water meter change out. He is changing all of the water meters over to “radio read.” His other duties include supporting the other superintendents with their duties.

2017 Summer Help

Wastewater Intern
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