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About the Shipshewana FD

Shipshewana Fire Department is made up of 26 volunteer firefighters, consisting of one chief, one assistance chief, 3 captains, one chaplain and 20 firefighters. This fire department covers northwest corner of LaGrange County, IN including Town of Shipshewana, Newbury Township, Van Buren Township, and also 8 miles of I-80/90 Indiana Toll Road. This 70 square mile area-Shipshewana Fire Department provides First Responder Medical Assistance, Search and Rescue, and Fire Protection.

Our fire department is always staying up-to-date with the latest training and skills to provide rapid and safe response in order to provide a safer community. Therefore, our department had monthly meetings and trainings for each of our volunteers. Our regular business meetings are first Tuesday of each month, regular refreshing and new skill learning trainings are third Thursday of each month. We also do truck check (thorough inspection of each fire truck and equipment) each week.

By providing the most our fire department can provide, the Shipshewana Fire Department abide by this “Objective and Purpose” in the By-Laws of Shipshewana Volunteer Fire Department…

“The purpose of the Department shall be to provide a group of well-trained volunteers to protect and preserve the persons and property of the Town of Shipshewana and surrounding area as directed by the Shipshewana Town Council and provided for in any contract between any surrounding township and the Council. The Department shall also assist neighboring agencies and departments, as needed, for mutual aid.”

Fire Department Updates and News

Recognition of Dennis Troyer’s 31 Years of Service


“Firefighter of The Year”


2016-Lora Miller

2017-Darin Hochstetler

2018-Merle Yoder

Department’s Newest Extrication Tools

rescue tools 


Scenes from LaGrange fire formally known as Family Dollar on September 12, 2017


Chad Miller
Chad MillerHead Chief
Member since: 1994
Fire ID: 201
Lyle WIngard
Lyle WIngardAssistant Chief
Member Since: 2008
Fire ID: 202
Dave Hostetler
Dave HostetlerCaptain
Member Since: 1997
Fire ID: 220
Nate Hersheberger
Nate HershebergerCaptain
Member Since: 1994
Fire ID: 204
Kenny Chupp
Kenny ChuppCaptain
Member Since: 2010
Fire ID: 205


Mike Yoder
Mike YoderFirefighter
Member Since: 1998
Fire ID: 222
Lora Miller
Lora MillerFirefighter
Member Since: 2001
Fire ID: 231
Mervin Miller
Mervin MillerFirefighter
Member Since: 2007
Fire ID: 223
Daryl Chupp
Daryl ChuppFirefighter
Member Since: 2010
Fire ID: 234
Nathan Miller
Nathan MillerFirefighter
Member Since: 2012
Fire ID: 207
Arlin Yoder
Arlin YoderScretary/Firefighter
Member Since: 2013
Fire ID: 211
Aaron Lehman
Aaron LehmanFirefighter
Member Since: 2013
Fire ID: 218
Darin Hochstetler
Darin HochstetlerFirefighter
Member Since: 2012
Fire ID: 229
Elmer Lambright
Elmer LambrightFirefighter
Member Since: 2017
Fire ID: 208
Kyle Knepp
Kyle KneppFirefighter
Member Since: 2015
Fire ID: 233
Ervin Schwartz
Ervin SchwartzFirefighter
Member Since: 2016
Fire ID: 215
Deryl Schwartz
Deryl SchwartzFirefighter
Member Since: 2016
Fire ID: 237
Caleb Dickerson
Caleb DickersonFirefighter
Member Since: 2016
Fire ID: 219
Joe Yoder
Joe YoderFirefighter
Member Since:
Fire ID: 221
Brad Tuholski
Brad TuholskiFirefighter
Member Since: 2018
Fire ID: 228
Lloyd Raber
Lloyd RaberFirefighter
Member Since: 2018
Fire ID: 212
Nate Slabach
Nate SlabachFirefighter
Member Since: 2018
Fire ID: 209
Mark Suever
Mark SueverChaplain
Member Since: 2018
Daryl Yoder
Daryl YoderFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 225
Lucas Covey
Lucas CoveyFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 227
Adam Miller
Adam MillerFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 235
Delmar Yoder
Delmar YoderFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 236
Mark Lengacher
Mark LengacherFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 230
Cory Moon
Cory MoonFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 232
Mike Friend
Mike FriendFirefighter
Member Since: 2019
Fire ID: 224


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